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Term Life

Term life insurance helps provide protection when your family needs it most. It’s designed for short term protection at an affordable cost.

Should the unexpected happen, your loved ones will receive generally income tax free funds that can provide financial protection for the future.

It can help...

• Provide financial assistance to your  family in a time of need
• Replace income to continue your family’s current quality of life 
• Provide protection for outstanding loans, including a mortgage 
• Pay off debts like credit cards and student loans
• Ease the transfer of a small business 

Key Product Features

  • 10-30 year terms available 

  • Up to 75 years of age for issue

  • Up to $1,000,000 coverage 

  • Accelerated death benefit for Critical, Chronic and Terminal Illness included. 

Accelerated Death Benefits

  • Critical Illness: conditions that may qualify include heart attack, cancer, stroke, major organ  transplant, and kidney failure.

  • Chronic Illness: unable to perform at least two activities of daily living (bathing, continence, dressing, eating, toileting, and transferring) for at least 90 days.

  • Terminal Illness: diagnosed medical condition that results in a life expectancy of 24 months or less (can vary by jurisdiction). 

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