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Activism & Community Involvement

At Set Sail, we believe in not only giving back, but also working directly with our local community to make it a cleaner, safer place for everyone. By this we don't simply mean handing out a check once a year to a local charity or community organization. We mean literally a hands on approach of physically picking up trash and partnering with other like minded organizations to coordinate beach and river clean-ups, as well as cleaning up sites where illegal dumping occurs. Our president has even started an organization called "Save Our Sea Turtles LBC" to spread awareness and protect the habitat of the green sea turtle population living in the San Gabriel river in Long Beach.

Green Sea Turtles In The San Gabriel River In Long Beach

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Examples Of Trash Removed From The San Gabriel River

Working With Care Closet LBC To Remove Illegal Trash Dumping


Organizations We Partner With

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