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Educators &

District Employees

Many educators and district employees will experience a significant drop in income when they retire, even though they may have been covered under a pension plan. On average, California teachers retire at about 60% of their pension, which is basically a starting salary. For those who take the time to plan for their financial future, retirement will give them an opportunity to do what they have always wanted to do. For others, it may mean working during their golden years, cutting back on their lifestyles and spending, or even relying on family members to help take care of them.

If you are concerned or unsure about which category you fall into, here are some important questions to ask yourself…

  • Are you saving enough for your tomorrow?

  • Will your retirement money outlive you?

  • Is your investment safe from market turbulence?

  • What percentage of your final salary will you be living on?

  • Is there a gap between the amount you’ve saved for retirement and the amount that you want and need?

  • Do you want to compare your existing TSA/403(b)s with other options, or combine them to get a better rate of return?


Personalized CalSTRS & CalPERS Pension Reviews

Many of our clients are educators and district employees. We’ve heard plenty of dissatisfied testimonials about how those ‘official’ CalSTRS/PERS workshops operate. They typically place you in a large group setting and provide general information that may or many not even apply to you, and at the end, usually recommended you purchase a risky Mutual Fund 403(b) as if it’s the only option available.


In contrast, we provide you your very own CalSTRS/PERS specialist who sits down with you one-on-one in your classroom or even in the comfort of your home, to carefully go over your current plan in detail so you know exactly what to expect at retirement. We will cover your expected salary at retirement, taxes and windfall, your pension gap, and provide an honest comparison of all the options you have available to fill that gap so that you can retire with as much lasting income as possible. Finally, if you already have a plan in place, we will review it with you to make sure you understand how it works, and if you are dissatisfied with its performance, we will help you explore other options to transfer it for a better rate of return.

Know your TSA/403(b) & Insurance Options

In addition to years of experience working with your district’s third party administrator (TPA), we are also contracted with several of your approved TSA and Insurance providers. We specialize in comparing and contrasting all of the available plans to assist you in making the most informed choice on who you feel safest investing your supplemental retirement plan with. We make it a priority to educate our clients on all the relevant financial lingo including the difference between Passive vs. Active investments, Fixed, Variable, Mutual Funds, and FIA Annuities, so they feel confident choosing an option they feel will safely meet their financial needs.


Schedule a personalized meeting with one of our CalSTRS/CalPERS pension specialists today to learn about your options!

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