At Set Sail Insurance Group we are always staying up to date with the most competitive and financially stable providers in an ever evolving marketplace to give you piece of mind that you can turn to us for the right information and advice on plans that meet your financial and retirement goals. That’s why we contract with many of the leading insurance providers to offer a diverse product portfolio with the most competitive options on the market. Whether it’s an Annuity, Life Insurance, Medicare, Disability or Long Term Care, we offer several options to meet your needs.

Long Term Care


Long Term Care/Disability:
We work with the top Long Term Care (LTC) & Disability (DI) carriers in California offering the most competitive plans for your specific needs. Contact us for a quote today!

Life Insurance

We are contracted with several of the leading financially stable Insurance providers in the state offering several options for Term Life, Universal/whole Life, and Final Expense Insurance to give you the best value for your dollar.


Whether you are looking to start a new plan or compare options to transfer/roll over your existing plan, let us provide you with piece of mind knowing that we offer a diverse product portfolio with the most competitive and highest rated companies on the market.

We specialize in:

  • IRAs

  • Roths

  • 403(b)s

  • 457s

  • 401k transfers

  • Rollovers. 



  • Do you need a personalized CalSTRS/PERS pension review so you know what to expect at retirement? 

  • Are you saving enough to supplement your pension?

  • Is your investment safe from market fluctuations?

  • Do you want to compare your existing TSA/403(b) with other options to get a better rate of return?

  • Do you want to compare your existing TSA/403(b) with other options, or transfer it to get a better rate of return and receive a transfer bonus of up to 10%

Schedule your free consultation today to learn more!


We have partnered with every Medicare provider in the state to give you an honest comparison of all the plans available in your area.

  • Medicare Supplement

  • Medicare Advantage

  • Part D


Contact us today to learn what plan is best for your needs!

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